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A robust backup system must consider many complex operational issues, including:

  • Time required for backups

  • Backup of very large files when only a few bytes change
  • Storage of backup data
  • Network appliances

  • Availability of protected data for very large servers

  • Life cycle management of all data


Backup Time

Storage management vendors use incremental backups to reduce the backup time. The file scanning used to determine which files have changed can take many hours on large file servers, when the actual incremental backup requires only a few minutes. Microtal’s Fast File Scanner (FFS)  reduces file scanning time by more than an order of magnitude, greatly reducing incremental backup time.

Large-File Backup

A block-based backup system is a good solution for backing up very large files, particularly, when the changes are small. Microtal’s Block Change Detection (BCD) together with the Volume Replication Library (VRL) provide the core software for a block-based backup system.

Storage of Backup Data

Although the per-byte cost of data storage continues to drop significantly, the total amount of data needing storage increases even faster, thereby increasing the overall cost of data storage, including the storage of backup data. Several suppliers offer data compression/decompression software to reduce the amount of storage required.  These compression algorithms have typically focused on compression ratio and not on compression speed. When implemented in a backup system, they increase the backup time significantly. Microtal’s Ultra Fast Compression (SQZ) software is tuned for speed and storage management.

Network Appliances

Most backup systems use agent software that runs on the server being backed up.  Network appliances are closed systems and prohibit such agent software.   Microtal’s NDMP (MtNDMP)  protocol stack is one of the best implementations on the market of NDMP.  It is feature rich and efficient.

Availability of Protected Data from Large Servers

The restore time for very large servers can take many hours to days for standard backup systems, and is unacceptable for business-critical servers.   A solution is to replicate the data onto other equipment – either co-located or at a remote, protected site.  Microtal Volume Replication Library (VRL)  provides the core software modules required to develop for a replication or mirrored backup system.

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