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It is somewhat astounding that storage management operations complexity consumes 29% of the typical IT organizations' operations budget   [Petersen; http://www.snia.org/tech_activities/dmf/SRC-Profile_ILM_Vision_3-29-04.pdf ]    The complexity is rooted in the IT organization’s responsibility to assure that:

  • Business critical data is identified and available when needed
  • Less important and/or less used data are migrated to less expensive storage (HSM)
  • Certain critical data are retained for regulatory purposes
  • Appropriate data are deleted when no longer needed for business or legal purposes
  • Data are protected from potential problems, including accidental loss and other disasters
  • Data are properly managed throughout their life cycle

Microtal’s DataClassifier provides a foundation for a solution to the operations complexity issues.  DataClassifier generates detailed descriptions of the use of the data files on each monitored server based on data content attributes,  file access patterns and file attributes:

  • Data content attributes include metadata, which is extracted from the file content such as document subject, author, keywords, file type, etc.

  • File access patterns include accessing applications and users, access frequency.

  • File attributes include file name, extension, size, owner, timestamps, etc.

The data content, file attributes and file access patterns are processed by the classification value model to classify the data based on business value to the corporation. The output of DataClassifier drives a data management policy engine, which automatically moves data to appropriate magnetic disk, archives inactive files or sends expired files for review before removal.

DataClassifier can also be used for the data collection phase of storage management service vendors such as regulatory compliance or business service continuity (disaster recovery) planning.  Generally such consultations begin with an inventory of the data that requires protection, and is achieved by interviewing IT managers.  This is a subjective process, since most data administrators do not have a complete view of the importance of individual data files.  DataClassifier automates the front end interview and data collection process.


  • Uses the Fast File Scanner engine for obtaining file attributes and data content attributes

  • Uses a kernel probe (on Solaris and Linux) for obtaining file access patterns

  • Stores metadata in FSDB files

    • Compact (~25 bytes/entry)

    • Fast (~500,000 Files/Sec)

    • Architecture neutral format (Unix/Windows)

    • Endian neutral format

    • UTF-8 support

  • Distributed/scalable architecture

  • Low resource requirements

  • Powerful filtering

  • Extensive reporting


DataClassifier is currently supported on the following platforms:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Solaris
  • HPUX
  • AIX
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