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DataOptimizer is a unique disk compression, optimization and vritualization appliance. Any application that stores large amounts of data may benefit from using DataOptimizer to cut storage costs, improve performance and ease storage management.   DataOptimizer logical volumes are accessed like regular disks on a SAN and all compression and decompression operations are totally transparent to the applications. DataOptimizer is designed to compress large volumes, in a safe and efficient way using Microtal’s ultra fast SQZ compression.


  • 4:1 space savings for databases. 2.5:1 space saving for regular files.
  • DataOptimizer logical volumes are used like regular disks.
  • Supported Operating Systems: Windows, Linux and Unix.
  • Frequently modified blocks are used uncompressed. Compression and defragmentation are done automatically in the background.
  • Hotspot elimination. All frequently accessed blocks are stored together on the underlying physical volumes to eliminate multiple hotspots and to improve performance.
  • DataOptimizer supports a combination of fast (expensive) and slow (low cost) disks for optimizing storage cost/performance. Most applications access routinely 10-20% of the data, while the rest of the data is hardly ever used. I/O operations are automatically balanced between all the physical devices in the volume group using an adaptive algorithm; the smart data placement algorithm stores frequently accessed blocks on the faster disks while infrequently used data blocks are stored on the slow disks. Blocks are automatically migrated from fast to slow media and vice versa based on their access patterns.
  • Offsite storage support. Data centers with limited floor space may use DataOptimizer to store infrequently used data on a remote site with little or no performance penalties.
  • Thin provisioning: New logical volumes use very little disk space, storage is  added incrementally as needed when data is written, eliminating the need to pre-allocate large volumes.
  • All maintenance operations may be performed while DataOptimizer is running. During physical volume move or delete operations, data will be migrated transparently to other disks without affecting the running applications.
  • Volumes, which are not managed by DataOptimizer, may be attached to optimized volumes. The original volumes content may be accessed immediately while the data is automatically migrated and compressed in the background. When data migration is done, the old volumes may be freed and reused.
  • Plug and play operation: DataOptimizer supports moving disks to different addresses or even to a different appliance. When new disks are discovered DataOptimizer will recreate the logical volumes that were stored on these disks.
  • I/O pattern trace capture. These traces can later be filtered, analyzed or even replayed without the original application in order to optimize storage performance.
  • Built-in hooks for running user specified commands as a result of events such as, sending email to the administrator when DataOptimizer runs low on disk space.
  • Storage estimator: A program that estimates the storage savings that may be achieved by using DataOptimizer.


  • 60-80% storage cost reductions.
  • Better data reliability.
  • Lower energy and cooling expenses.
  • Better utilization of Data Center floor space.
  • Shorter backup Window.


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