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Is your SRM/Backup system fast enough to support very large servers?

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FFS - Fast File-Scanner   


File scanning is used for:

  • Incremental backups

  • HSM

  • File synchronization & server mirroring

  • SRM applications

Conventional file scanning using standard OS APIs is limited to 1-2K file/sec or less. Scanning large servers using conventional methods would take over 24 hours, making incremental backups and generating SRM reports is impractical. Conventional file scanning is a very resource intensive operation, which can significantly slow down other activities on the server. A solution is provided by Microtal’s Fast File Scanner (FFS).

FFS uses proprietary technology for scanning filesystems at rates 10-50 times faster than conventional methods while requiring significantly less CPU and disk resources. FFS stores filesystem metadata in special database files called FSDB files, which are very compact and efficient.


  • Scan rate 10-50K Files/Sec

  • Stores metadata in FSDB files

    • Compact (~11-25 bytes/entry)

    • Fast (~500,000 Files/Sec)

    • Architecture neutral format (Unix/Windows)

    • Endian neutral format

    • UTF-8 support

  • Moved directory tree detection

  • Distributed/scalable architecture

  • Powerful filtering by: path, wildcards, file extension and any other file attributes

  • Extensive reporting:

  • File level reports

  • Aggregate reports

  • Statistical distribution reports by: time, file type, ownership and size

  • Disk usage reports

  • Largest files/directories reports


FFS is currently supported on the following platforms/filesystems:

  • Windows (NTFS)
  • Linux (Ext2/Ext3)
  • Solaris (UFS/VXFS)
  • AIX (JFS)

All other filesystems are scanned using the standard scanner. Both scanners generate the same output and the selection of the actual scanner (standard vs. fast) is transparent to the user.


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