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Products Overview

Microtal’s mission is to increase the value of storage management vendors’ products and reduce time to market, by providing unique functionality and improved performance. The targeted storage management applications include:

  • ILM
  • Backup
  • Snapshot management
  • Volume replication
  • NAS
  • Data compression

 Our products include:

  • DataClassifier - An innovative engine for classifying files based on their data content, file attributes and file access patterns. DataClassifier uses Microtal's Fast File Scanner as its core engine.
  • Fast File Scanner (FFS) - The fastest file scanning engine in the market. FFS traverses filesystems more than an order of magnitude faster than other scanners. A snapshot of the scanned filesystem attributes is stored in a proprietary database for access by ILM, SRM, HSM and backup programs.
  • Volume Replication Library (VRL) - A library for implementing Serverless Backups, Volume Replication and Snapshot Management applications. The library provides a unified API for accessing: UFS, VXFS, JFS and Ext2/Ext3 filesystems.
  • Block Change Detection (BCD) - A kernel probe and a set of APIs for detecting block level changes. BCD may be used in conjunction with VRL for backup and volume replication programs.
  • MtNDMP - Microtal's feature rich NDMP implementation. MtNDMP is targeted for NAS and other network appliances.
  • DataOptimizer - Microtal's unique volume manager, which supports compression, hotpoint elimination and thin provisioning at the volume level.
  • SQZ Library - Microtal's ultra fast compression library.



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