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Volume Replication Library


Microtal's Volume Replication Library (VRL) provides APIs for implementing block-level volume replication, snapshot management, serverless and image backups. The library bypasses the filesystem for performance improvement and reads the blocks directly from the underlying raw device. Volume replications and backups may be done at the logical volume level (image backups) or at the physical device level (serverless backups). The intelligent block copying engine skips unallocated blocks and is capable of detecting changed blocks. VRL understands the internal structure of several filesystems and provides platform independent APIs to access filesystem objects such as files, directories, extents, and allocated blocks directly from the underlying raw devices.


  • High performance block-level volume replications & backups
  • Serverless volume replications & backups through the SAN
  • Checkpoint (snapshot) management*
  • Incremental block-level volume replication & backups
  • Seamless integration with Microtal’s BCD (Block Change Detection) system
  • Does not require special device drivers
  • Replica verification tools


  • VXFS (Solaris, HPUX)*
  • UFS (Solaris)
  • JFS (AIX)
  • Ext2/Ext3 (Linux)

Supported Volume Managers

  • VXVM (Solaris)
  • SDS (Solaris)
  • LVM (HPUX)
  • Raw partitions (all platforms)

 *New VXFS 4.0 & 4.1 supported features

  • MVS (Multi Volume Support) 
  • Checkpoints & snapshots
  • Files with named data streams
  • Block-level change detection
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